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3 x 6 foot Translucent Event Floor 18sq ft per

  • OmniDeck™ is the fastest deploying and strongest stadium turf protection system available. This unique solution is designed with panels that interlock in parallel or perpendicular to each other for omni directional configurations.
  • These “puzzle” pieces can be deployed around fixed objects like goalposts, or electrical outlets, and fit in non-standard spaces.
  • OmniDeck™ is durable enough to withstand very heavy weight loads while protecting the integrity of a natural grass, synthetic or hybrid playing surface.
  • The tile designs are intuitive to install, and can be carried easily by two persons for fast deployment.
  • Typically an additional type of floor covering, like carpet or laminate is used on top of this floor to enhance that special event.
  • 18 Sq. Ft per panel.
  • 6′ L x 3′W x 1 1⁄2” H, 58lbs.
  • Pallets – 28 Pieces per
  • Semi – 26 pallets per load -728 pieces- (44,000lbs) – 13,104sq. ft per semi load
  • Pallet Specs- 60lbs
  • – 6′ x 3′ x 50″ with 28 Sections of Flooring.
  • – Weight – 1690 lbs.



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OmniLock Floor T-Bar Locking Tool
Flooring shipping notice
3 foot Ramp Transition for Event Floor

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